We've put our heart and soul into GOZO

We love chocolate, we’ve taken all we’ve learned about making chocolate and poured it into GOZO. It’s a labour of love and we’re so proud.

The Chocolate Dream

Since 1906, the founders’ vision has been to contribute to the sustainable development of rural communities in Colombia. Building long-term relationships with employees, small grower associations, and their communities so that, through chocolate, they can create together, a more prosperous future tailored to their unique local context and needs.

There is no ‘badge’ nor one size fits all approach to sustainability. Every cocoa farmer, every farm, every community face their own set of unique challenges. Growing climates, soil composition, water resources, biodiversity all present different challenges for communities.

That’s why Luker proudly ‘Go Beyond Sustainability’ with their Chocolate Dream programme.

It is a collaborative plan that seeks to transform the chocolate value chain from its origin. Through improving farmer income, strengthening the social wellbeing of local communities, and maintaining an environmental balance in cocoa growing.

These needs change over time, and by working directly with farmers, Luker can identify problems faster and act quicker to come up with solutions.

Luker work alongside partners, like GOZO, to fund and carry out life changing projects such as building classrooms to improve access to education, training programmes in entrepreneurship, creating access to safe drinking water in villages and promoting environmental awareness to generate more sustainable communities.

GOZO invest directly in projects run by Luker, with measurable and real time results on impact. Our project is called Micro Basins, helping to protect water sources and provide safe drinking water in rural Limoncito, Colombia.

With every bite GOZO you are actively supporting to keep these projects alive and making the chocolate dream a reality. Thank you!

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